Monthly Archives:November 2016


Work shop on Innovative business model (UBL)

Staff of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce were participated at the workshop on business innovation training to the entrepreneurs, which was held on 10th of February 2016. At this workshop selected small medium entrepreneurs participated and shared their expectations from each faculty in Jaffna University. Our staff were conducted a team consultancy with the Peter Sommer (GIZ consultants).


Discussion on creativity week (UBL)

Two-day discussionwas organized by the University Business Linkage (UBL) to plan the creativity week which will be placed in August 2016. Students, staff, and the women micro entrepreneur have participated in this discussion. Peter Sommer (UBL consultant) discussed about the tools to reconnoiter the creativity days from five departments of our faculty and the imports of the students and staff participation in the creativity week.


E-Business Training for Micro Marketers

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>A Workshop on “electronic knowledge for Micro businesses” and “easy way for starting e-business” was organized by the incubation cell,for the micro marketers who registered at the incubation cell of the Faculty of Management studies and commerce,“for two days on 6th and 7th of May 2016, at our faculty’s Computer lab. There were 20 participants in this workshop. Mr. K.Siyanthan , instructer in computer Technology was  the resource person. Mr. T.Kirubakaran, Assistant network manager, and  Mr. S. Swarman assisted to the lab works. Mr.N.Umakanth , Lecturer, Department of Commerce coordinated this event . food and refreshment were sponsored by Industrial Development Board (IDB).