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Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Bachelor of Business Management (External)

Need for the Study Programme:

Nearly 100,000 students qualify each year to enter the Universities in Sri Lanka. Out of this number a little over 13,000 (ie. around 13 %) gain admission to follow degree programmes. Only a small number among the left outs manage to continue studies at the tertiary level while majority of them are left with no future prospects. Even, the opportunity available to do the higher studies externally is negligible. The University of Jaffna offering to contribute to the development of higher studies in its own way has initiated steps towards the provision of opportunities for higher studies at least to a small section, in the Tamil medium.

Though the University of Jaffna has a history of experience in conducting an External degree programme in this field, for  nearly fifteen years the concept of distance learning has not been tried on to date. The faculty of Management Studies and Commerce is interested to begin a distance programme in Business Studies. The traditional mode of the distance learning  where printed learning materials in the form of modules are provided to the prospective learners and conducting an external examination does not seem very fitting to modern needs, trends and technical advances.


To provide opportunities to prospective learners who are not fortunate enough to gain university admissions,

To provide opportunities for studying at their own space and availability of time.

To provide business management education which is a fast developing field today, to the students irrespective of the stream they followed..

To provide general proficiency in the application of information technology

Prospective Students

Admission Requirements


Must possess  the minimum requirements for entry to universities OR  Any other equivalent qualification acceptable by the University Senate.


Should not be a registered student for an undergraduate study programme in a  University in Sri Lanka.


The medium of instruction shall be Tamil


The duration of the programme is three academic years, with two semesters per academic year. Each semester will have duration of a minimum of 20 weeks. The programme will be conducted mainly on online basis. This will be supplemented with face to face contact, on at least three occasions per semester per course. In addition to the above, it is planned for additional reading materials to be made available in website.   For each course there will be in course assessment and an end semester written examination. The results will be released semester wise.

Structure of the Programme

The Programme is structured in a flexible manner so as to suit the conveniences and requirements of the students.

The details of the programme

The programme is designed to be self financing.