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Student procession on “celebrating National Economy Management “

Student procession on “celebrating National Economy Management” was commenced on 14thof October 2015. There are 300 students were participated in this procession. subject lecturers Dr(Mrs)ShivanyShanmugathas and MrsSathanaVaikunthavasan were organized this student procession. Students carried boards and expressed variables related to the subject. Each variable was expressed by images, news and write-ups. Students played base-drum, site-drums, and melodious to organize the procession. Furthermore, they threw balloons to express their happiness on the subject interest. this procession was along around the faculty premises for 25 minutes.   The purposes of this student procession were:

  1. Inspire the students to actively involve with the subject inherently
  2. Due to the curriculum revision National Economy Management (MKG 2131), has been removed and replaced by the Managerial Economics, therefore this student procession celebrated national economy management and appealing Managerial Economics.
  3. Encourage the students to manage an event in an effective manner.