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Orientation programme for the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce -2021/2022

The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce has conducted Orientation Programme for first year students-2021/2022 from 26th to 28th, 2023 as a part of the Academic Activity of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce from 8.30 am onwards at the Faculty Auditorium.  The Orientation program was held with more than 500 students including Management and Commerce degree students with various sessions. In fact, the primary purpose of a University orientation program is to help new undergraduates understand the nature of the University, the educational opportunities available to them, the values and functions of the University community, and the central objective of the University as an academic enterprise.

Day 1

The inaugural ceremony commenced at 8.30 with lightening of the oil lamp with the presence of all the dignitaries from the University of Jaffna including Professor.S. Srisatkunarajah, The Vice Chancellor , University of Jaffna, Senior Professor.B.Nimalathasan, Dean Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, All the heads of the departments, Mrs.R.Kesavan, Assistant Registrar, FMSC, coordinators of orientation, academics and administrative staff from various departments.Mrs..I.Kajananthan coordinated the day one session. This is the first time orientation was held at the faculty premises after moved to new building.  Next to the lightening of oil lamp, all the dignitaries were staged and the orientation started with mesmerized welcome dance performance with the second year student Ms.S.Prathikshayiny. Next to the welcome dance, one of the coordinator for orientation Mrs.N.Jasintha, Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management has done the welcome note and welcomed all the guests and the students warmly.

As the second programme for the day one, the introductory remarks which was done by our Dean Senior Professor. B.Nimalathsan who welcomed all the students through his talk including the small history of our Faculty and how the students need to be as a student.  In addition to that, he wholeheartedly congratulated the students for the entrance as an undergraduate to the faculty. Following to introductory remarks, Felicitation address was by Professor. S.Srisatkunarajah, The vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna. He thanked each student and spoke thoughtfully on studentship, touching on a variety of topics while urging the students to engage in a range of extracurricular activities. In addition, he emphasized the value of lifelong learning and the university experience since it serves as a center for education, culture, and research. He also encouraged all of the students to pursue their dreams and use the numerous tools the University has made accessible in the field of management.

Next to that, words of blessing were given by all the department heads including English Language Teaching and the Coordinator of Tourism and Hospitality Management to the students by informing about the departments and their expectations on students. At first in the word of blessing, Mr.S.Balaputhiran, Head Department of Accounting, Dr.S.Achchuthan, Head/Department of Commerce blessed the students. Afterwards, Prof.(Mrs).L.Kengatharan, Head/Department of Financial management, Prof.N.Kengatharan, Head/Department of  HRM, Prof.(Mrs).S.Shanmugathas, Head/Department of Marketing,  Prof.S.Sivesan, Cordinator/ Tourism and Hospitality, and Dr.K.Shanmugnathan, Head, English Language Teaching blessed the students with the professional talk respectively.

The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce’s Assistant Registrar, Mrs. R. Kesavan, gave a speech on faculty governance. Her discourse has provided the students with information about administrative processes, examination procedures, and many other medical procedures. Professor S. Shaikesh, Director of Welfare Services, spoke on behalf of the university’s assistance programs for students during his lecture on student welfare.  President of the Management and Commerce Students Union, Mr. T. Neerajah, shared his experiences with the newcomers and praised all staff members for their commitment to imparting information to students.

A faculty video clip has been presented prior to the vote of thanks, attracting the students with pictures and films of the new facilities in the faculty, staff members, experience-sharing sessions, and faculty history. Finally, Mrs. H. Archchutha from the orientation committee thanked everyone for attending, including the dignitaries, students, and audiences. The welcoming ceremony for the newcomers from all across the nation and with various cultural backgrounds was excellent.  By 11.30 am, the show had reached its end.

Day 2

On the second day of orientation, which was held on April 29, 2023, around 500 freshers participated in the Auditorium of the faculty of management study and Commerce. The objective of this orientation was to give students a head start on their future success by offering them valuable information and skills. Ms.K.Tharsika, a coordinator of the second day’s program, welcomed the participants at 9:00 a.m on behalf of the orientation committee and our faculty.  The first item on the agenda was Greetings of the Staff. Senior Professor B. Nimalathasan, Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, introduced himself and offered his best wishes to the new students, while majority of the academic members continuously bombarded their best wishes on the new students like a shower of flowers under the direction of the faculty dean around one hour. Next, the Director of the career guidance unit, Dr. K. Thabotharan, wrote sound career advice on the blank paper of the new student’s mind related to his or her future career.

Following that, Professor S. Sivesan and Dr. (Mrs).J. Thevananth, deputy proctor of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, presented the students with priceless instruments for altering their behavior in the future. After that, Mrs.J.Aravinthan, Assistant Registrar, Welfare branch, shared valuable information regarding scholarships and financial aid at Jaffna University. Then, Dr. R. Rajkumar, University Medical Officer, advises the Jaffna University Medical Office’s practices and how students can maintain their health in order to live longer. Mrs.S.Kumarasamy, deputy registrar, examination branch, then delivered us a well-organized presentation about the Examination by Laws at our university. Mr.S.Ketheeswaran, Deputy Librarian, university of Jaffna, then provided a brief introduction to the e-Resources of the university library system.

Thereafter, Mr.P.Sutharsan, a Council Member at the University of Jaffna, highlighted the significance of sharpening the soft skills which are vital in the current business climate. After that, two instructors from the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, Mr.K.Siyanthan and Mr.Y.Achchuthan, explained and demonstrated how to use the Learning Management System and MaCoSIS. Mrs. I. Kajananthan, a lecturer in commerce, provided the vote of thanks to conclude the second day of orientation at 12:10 p.m.

 Day 3

Third day session of orientation programme2022/ 2023 held on 28th of April 2023 was coordinated by Mrs. A. Harishangar, Lecturer in Marketing.  The session started at 8:30 a.m. with discussion with students’ councillors and academic councillors. Faculty students councillors Dr.(Mrs).S.Vaikunthavasan, Mrs. T.Sivaskaran, Dr.(Mrs).D.Sangarathas, Mrs.T.Thanushan, Mrs.J.Nirojan, Ms.Grace Hyacinth Hensman, Mrs.I.Kajananthan and academic councillor Mr.L.mayuran  were introduced themselves and had a discussion on counselling systems in the faculty.

Continuously there were many talks, on understanding of equality and equity by Prof. (Mrs).S.Shanmugathas Director, Gender Equity and Equality Centre, Elevating the quality by Dr. (Mrs) S. Vaikunthavasan, Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Brief out the Memorandum of understanding of the faculty by Senior. Prof. T.Velnampy.

Then the next event was introductory session on physical education done by Mr.K.Ganeshanathan, Director, Physical Education Unit. He played a motivated video of sports achievements of our university students in his presentation.

Then Faculty Alumni member Ms.Yamalai was present to share her experience in Faculty of Management studies and Commerce.  After that our university proctor Mr. A.Venkadramana, and marshals Mr.P.Gajanthan and Mr.N.Vijenthira have discussed on University students’ discipline.

The last programme of the third day session was meeting with mentors. Mentors session was arranged to have interactions with the relevant mentors and mentees.