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The inaugural ceremony of Diploma in Microfinance commenced with the lighting of traditional oil lamp by a group of dignitaries of University of Jaffna – Prof.S.Srisatkunarajah, Vice Chancellor , University of Jaffna , Prof.B.Nimalathashan, Dean, Faculty of Management studies and Commerce, Prof.(Mrs).R.Yogendrajah, Head of Department of Financial Management, Mr.M.Karunanithy , Head of Department of Marketing , Mr.S.Balaputhiran , Head of the Department of Accounting, Mrs.T.Pratheesh,
Coordinator of the Diploma in Microfinance Programme and Ms.T.Yogeswaran, Senior Lecturer. The program was followed by welcome address

The Department of Financial Management commenced the Diploma in Microfinance programme in 2013 with the view to enable those in the microfinance industry and new entrants to get well structured academic contents of the microfinance. Approximately seventy five students from three batches have successfully graduated from the programme. The inauguration of the fourth batch of the programme was conducted in the virtual environment on 19.06.2021 with the presence of the Vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Commerce, the Head of the Department of Financial Management, Head of Marketing, Head of Accounting and academics from various departments. There are twenty seven number of students enrolled

Ms.T.Pratheesh, Coordinator of the programme welcomed all dignitaries attending the inauguration ceremony. She briefed that the programme is scheduled to complete as per the calendar of dates. She also mentioned that most of our academics expressed their interest to become a resource person to the programme. The Vice Chancellor of the University has emphasized that the programme was developed to bring awareness about microfinance in the society through enrolling students to progamme.

Prof.B.Nimalathasan briefed the importance of the program and pointed out various challenges and experiences related to the programme. Prof.(Mrs).R.Yogendrarajah, Head of the Department of Financial Management welcomed students on behalf of the Department of Financial management, which will be the parent department that will administer student’s academic activities. She offered help whole heartily and encouraged students to approach staff, if they come into challenges. Mr.M.Karunanithy, Head of Department of Marketing and Mr.S.Balaputhiran, Head of the Department of Accounting shared their wealth of knowledge and experience, and encouraged students to commence academic activities. The Alumni of the programme shared his experience. He thanked all staff for their dedication and sharing their knowledge the program successfully.

At last, the coordinator of the program thanked all dignitaries and participants for gracing the occasion by their presence. She also thanked all staff who worked hard on the Diploma in Microfinance programme to make it a sustainable and successful programme at the University of Jaffna.