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Field Visit to the Provincial Treasury

Department of Accounting honours degree students have Public Sector Accounting two (02) credit course units in the 1st Semester, Fourth Year. It deals with public sector accounting, auditing, financial management, procurement management, store management, board of survey, budget process, and financial regulations. Our curriculum provides adequate knowledge of public sector accounting in Sri Lanka. Field visit in the relevant public institutions for public sector accounting students is vitally important to have a brief understanding of the applications of public sector accounting in Sri Lanka. Therefore, a field visit on public sector accounting was arranged in the provincial treasury, northern provincial council 9.30 am – 12.15 pm on 05.12.2022. The provincial treasury carries out its operations like the general treasury, but the number of activities, level of activities, and funds is very small compared to the general treasury. The main objective of this field visit is to show public sector accounting practices in the real environment.

73 students participated in this field visit, and they shared positive feedback on this field visit. They ensured that this kind of field visit bring more insight into the subject matter. Further, officials of the provincial treasury appreciated for students’ active participation and the arrangement of this field visit.