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Draft preparation forbest thesis award (UBL)

With the collaboration among the German government, University Grant commission, GIZ, and The university of Jaffna, University Business link a project was initiated at the University of Jaffna on 28th of September   2015.  Faculty of Management studies and commerce coordinates with UBL initiation activities, and visited to fields to observe the current position of the industries, to have business link with the university. Our faulty staff participated to draft constitution for UBL initials with the consultation of Alfredo Suvelza (GIZ consultants).

Our faculty staff members participated in the best thesis ward discussion with the Mr. peter Sommer (UBL consultant), and draft the first copy of the content of that award which will be offered to the student who will have the output which benefits to the industrial sector. Discussion also made with the dean, faculty of Management studies and Commerce.