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Diploma in Micro Finance

The University of Jaffna has a history of experience in conducting degree and diploma  programmes for school leavers, under graduates and post graduate students. The faculty of  Management Studies and Commerce is interested to begin a new diploma programmes for  school leavers who have not enough fortune to gain university admission and the potential  candidates who lack the opportunity to study management discipline subjects in their  educational level.


Need for the study programme

Micro finance tailored for the uplift of poor differs from traditional finance. It is a relatively  new concept and is successful in Bangladesh & India. Sri Lanka can benefit from this  experience of our neighbours by introducing microfinance into our financial system. The  Jaffna Society has been experienced the Micro Finance practices for decades in various forms such as Daily saving of a Handful of rice, Money collections ceremony and Thrift credit system in the past. When the above Micro saving systems get systemized and institutionalized the academicals needs is felt by the relevant practitioners. This could be effectively achieved through courses structured by universities also.

Programme objectives

  • To enable those in the microfinance industry and new entrants to get well structured academic contents of the microfinance.
  • To enable participants to meet the requirements of the field and to learn the modern developments.
  • To introduce microfinance concepts and international best practices to keep participants exposed to international systems

Admission Requirements

  • Must possess the minimum requirements for entry to universities OR
  • Any other equivalent qualification acceptable by the University Senate


The duration of the programme is two semesters. Each semester will have duration of a  minimum of 20 weeks. The programme will be conducted, during the evenings in the week  days and the weekends, mainly class room lecture and field assignment. For each course there  will be in course assessment and an end semester written examination.

Course Units and Syllabus

Semester – I

DMF 1131: Principles of microfinance

DMF 1132: Accounting for Micro finance.

DMF 1133: Delinquency and Credit Risk Analysis

DMF 1134: Legal Environment of Micro finance

DMF 1135: Management Information system for microfinance Institutions.

DMF 1136: Research Methodology

Semester – II

DMF 1231: Managing Peoples of MFIs

DMF 1232: Business Statistics

DMF 1233 Ethics and Good Governance of MFI

DMF 1234:  Product Development and Operational Risk Management

DMF 1235: Business Planning

DMF 1236 Performance Evaluation of MFI

DMF 1247 Project report