Volume 09 Issue 01

Suitability and relevance of the fair value measurement under IFRS 13 vs historical cost: application to the Lebanese banking sector
Feghali, K. A., Jreije, R. M. and Bahnan, N.

Determinants of foreign direct investment in India and retail sector liberalization: a GMM estimation
Manocha, R.

Corporate governance and firm value of the auto sector: empirical evidence
Chaudhary, N., Dhiman, R., Bhatia, P. and Srivastava, V.

Exploring mergers and acquisitions in public accounting
McGowan, J. and Norris, D.

An empirical study on the relationship between credit rating and banks´ performance: evidence from an emerging market
Abu-Alkheil, A., Khartabiel, G., Riaz, A. and A-Khan, W.

Examining the synergies implication of merger and acquisition in banking sector: evidence from emerging economy
Verma, M., Kalyan, P. and Ekka, P. M.

Diversification potential among the N-10 countries: an empirical investigation
Bhatia, P. and Kushwah, S. V.

Use of Government assisted financing by SMEs: an empirical examination of Canadian SMEs using the financial growth cycle
Carlton-James, O., B-Dhaliwal, S. and Jagoda, K.

The reaction of share prices to the announcements of right issues and debenture issues: evidence from a frontier market
Jayarathne, M. D. S., Samarakoon, S. M. R. K. and Pradhan, R. P.