Vol. 03 Issue 01


Front Page

  1. Cash holdings and corporate performance: Evidence from Sri Lanka 
    Vijayakumaran. R. & Atchyuthan. N

  2. The impact of corporate attributes on the extent of voluntary disclosure and reporting by listed companies in Bangladesh.
    Das. S

  3. Trends in working capital management and its impact on firms’ performance : An  analysis of Sri Lankan small and medium enterprises.
    Mahasena Senanayake. Dayaratna Banda. O. G. & Semasinghe. D. M

  4. Financial management practices and performance of SMEs in Sri Lanka: Evidence from Jaffna district.
    Yogendrarajah. R. Kengatharan. L. & Jeyan Suganya. S

  5. Adaptation of NFC mobile credit card (NFC-MCC): Technological evolution in payment system (mobile payment).
    Saha. G.C. & Roy. J. K

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