Vol. 02 Issue 02


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  1. An Immediacy and Non-Immediacy Based Trading Model
    Jeyasreedharan N.

  2. Long run determinants of sectorial stock returns: Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange
    Wijethunga A.W.G.C.N and Dayaratne D.A.I

  3. Impact of the income tax system on tax payers’ satisfaction: with special reference to Kegalle district income tax payers
    RanasingheS.R.S.H, Kulathunga K.M.M.C.B

  4. Impairment of assets and market value of share: a study of listed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka Sooriyakumaran L. & Velnampy T.

  5. Causal Links between Foreign Capital Inflows and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
    Jibir.A & Musa. A

  6. Extent and Determinants of Corporate Voluntary Reporting: An Empirical Investigation of Listed Non-financial Companies in Bangladesh
    Shilpi. D & Das.S


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