About Us

The International Journal of Accounting and Business Finance (IJABF), an open-access journal, published by the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, is committed to disseminating high-quality, original research that delve into theoretical and empirical aspects of accounting, finance, and business economics, while promoting collaborative investigations among researchers and practitioners

Aims and scope

IJABF strives to publish high-quality papers that examine theoretical and empirical issues in accounting, finance, and business economics. It provides a valuable platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and professionals from around the globe.

IJABF encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including, but not limited to, financial markets, financial institutions, risk analysis, financial policy and structure, payout policies, financial contracts, corporate governance practices, corporate restructuring, organisational economics, microfinance, international financial management, disclosure and corporate social responsibility, as well as the accounting and financial aspects of transition economies.

Open access

The IJABF, which is owned by the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, ensures that all published articles are freely accessible under an Open Access license (publisher’s own license), with the University covering all publishing expenses and authors being exempt from financial burden for publication in the IJABF.

Review Process

IJABF employs a rigorous two-stage review process to ensure the quality and suitability of the submitted papers for publication. During the initial stage, each paper undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by at least one editor, who carefully assesses its content and relevance. The aim of this evaluation is to determine whether the paper merits further consideration and should proceed to the subsequent reviewing stage.

Papers that pass the  initial screening are subjected to meticulous blind review process. During this second stage, two referees, who possess expertise in the specific field addressed by the paper, are assigned. These referees conduct a thorough examination of the paper, carefully evaluating its methodology, theoretical framework, analysis, and overall contribution. They provide detailed comments, offering constructive feedback and valuable recommendations for improvement.

The review process typically spans a timeframe of approximately one to two months, allowing the referees sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the paper. Authors whose papers are under review will be notified of the anticipated duration and provided with regular updates regarding the status of their submission. The authors will be requested to incorporate the suggestions and feedback provided by the referees, aiming to enhance the quality and clarity of their work upon completion of the review process.

If the paper(s) are accepted for publication, it is important to note that the IJABF reserves the right to make necessary modifications to the final draft of the  paper. These modifications are carried out with the intention of ensuring that the paper aligns with the guidelines of the IJABF.