Vol 01 Issue 01


Cover Page

  1. Capital structure decisions, agency conflicts and corporate performance: The case of Sri Lankan manufacturing listed firms.
    Vijayakumaran. R

  2.  Board structure and firm performance: A study of listed commercial banks in Sri Lanka.
    Senthuran.S & Velnampy.T

  3.  Why do IPOs leave money on the table for investors on the first day of trading? A theoretical review.
    Wasantha Perera. K. L. & Kulendran.N

  4. The day-of-the-week effect: Anomaly or illusion? New evidence from Sri Lanka.
    Jeyasreedharan. N

  5. Testing the conditional and unconditional CAPM for Sri Lankan stock market.
    Sooriyakumar. K,Sivanathan. V.P & Kandeepan.V

  6. Time varying estimate of beta (systematic risk): Evidence from
    Colombo Stock Exchange.
    WijethungaA.W.G.C.N & Dayaratne D.A.I

  7. Dynamic effects of macroeconomic variables on CNX Bank’s return using ARDL model.
    Baranidharan.S & Vanitha.S

  8. Reforming public sector accounting and financial systems: A critique of Cameroon and Nigeria.
    Ambe Alfred. N


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