Faculty Research Committee

The research committee has broad responsibility for the enhancement of research which is of high quality, innovative and has engagement with, and impact on, relevant communities. Its aims in research by involvement in recognized research, and engaging in knowledge transfer, that has demonstrable relevance to develop a strong collegial research culture in specific Management and Commerce related areas.

Web committee

The Web Committee is to review, update and ensure the accuracy of information on websites of Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. Consider how the website may be developed as a resource for students, staff, stakeholders and the wider public. 


Building Committee

Building committee is continuing responsibility for the execution of major construction which shall oversee and supervise the design, construction, reconstruction, major alteration, renovation, enlargement major maintenance, demolition and removal of the building of the Faculty.

Curriculum Committee

This committee has overall responsibility for the design, implementation, integration monitoring evaluation, and enhancement of the Degree Programme of Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce curricula in par with day-to-day as per the requirements of the Sri Lankan Qualifications Framework (SLQF)

Health Promotion Committee

The Health Promotion Committee, supports staff and students throughout the Faculty to improve and/or maintain overall wellbeing.  The committee oversees implementation of programming, resources, and campaigns that encourage positive behavioral change and promote healthy environments.

Academic Students Counselling Committee

This committee provides assistance to the Faculty education system, whereby Faculty members introduce the students to the Faculty as well as to the University systems and inform them by their roles, responsibilities and rights. It provides guidance and support for students to overcome any academic problems or personal difficulties that may hamper their academic progress, as well as develops the students’ capacities and potentials.


Strategic plan committee is responsible for the oversight of the strategic planning of the faculty in line with University Strategic Plan. It brings together academic, financial and physical planning and scrutinizes business plans for major activities. The SPC also recommends the annual budget and long-term forecasts to the Faculty Board and monitors the performance.

SPC will provide advice, recommendation and reports to the Faculty Board on matters including strategic planning, new strategic projects, initiatives and new developments; asset management; strategic human resources and other matters as determined by the Committee and by the Faculty Board.