Volume 08 Issue Special

Front and Editorial Note-Page


R.Y.H.D.A. Seneviratne, K. Dissanayake, S. P. Premaratna, N. Melegoda, S. Ranwala,
A. Fernando


D.S. Manage and K. Dissanayake

H.Y.D. Peiris, V. G. P. Lakshika, R. M. K. S. Rasanjalee

K. A. Silva, A. S. Adikaram,  J. A. S. K. Jayakody

K. J. M. Fernando, H. M. Nishanthi

G. T. W. Sriyani

The accountability of the research matter articulated in this JBS is entire of the author(s) concerned. The view expressed in the research papers in the journal does not essentially correspond to the views of the editorial team. The editorial team of the JBS is not liable for errors or any consequences arising from the exercise of information contained it