The Bachelor of Commerce Degree course commenced in 1977 under the Dept. of Economics in the Faculty of Arts. The Department of Commerce was approved by the University Grants Commission on 31st of July, 1982 and it began functioning on 18th of December 1983. Prof.Nithiananthan was appointed as the Head of the Department of Commerce.
The Department of Commerce and Management studies was established on1st of January 1986 and Prof. S. Rajaratnam was appointed as the Head of this Department, and he relinquished his duties on 11th November, 1990. Subsequently Prof.V.P. Sivanathan held the office as Head for a short period. Prof. N. Balakrishnan assumed the office as the Head from 14th of March, 1991 to 4th of May 1993. From 4th May, 1993 Prof.M.Nadarajasundaram succeeded as the Head of the Department. The Department of Commerce and Management Studies was segregated into two separate Departments viz: the Department of Management Studies and the Department of Commerce on 1st of September, 1994. Prof. M. Nadarajasundaram
and Prof. K. Thevarajah were the Heads of the Department of Management Studies and the Department of Commerce, respectively.
The Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce was established on 29th May 1999 and Prof. M. Nadarajasundaram was elected as the First Dean of the Faculty on 29th of May, 1999 and continued his service still 30th May 2005. Then Prof.K.Thevarajah was elected as the Second Dean of the Faculty from 01st June 2005 to12th September, 2011. Followed by Prof.T.Velnampy was elected as the third Dean of the Faculty from 15th September, 2011 and has been rendering his service to date.
Faculty restructuring was carried out in 2010. Under the restructuring
programme, the Department of Commerce was dispersed and four new departments were established namely, Department of Accounting, Department of Financial Management, Department of Human Resource Management and Department of Marketing. The staff of the Department of Commerce and Department Management Studies were reshuffled into the new departments. In 2012,
Department of Commerce was re-established Faculty has started to offer MBA programme from 2014. The MBA is designed in such a way that the participants strengthen and broaden their knowledge
in business management and administration, they work with the main management tools and they develop their management skills and abilities.An e-lab has been established in the Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce in July 2014 with the aim of facilitating the undergraduates as well as the post graduate students in their learning process.
The graduate produced by the University should be flexible accountable and responsible to social dimensions particularly related to social and cultural harmony.In order to cater the overall community multiculturalism should be taken into their mind.